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A refreshing Rose water toner to balance lipid structure and rehydrate all skin types.


CLEAN, FRESH AND PURE. A hydrating and totally refreshing facial toner for all skin types formulated exclusively to add lustre and enliven stressed skin. Essential Mist Toner balances the surface texture of dry, tired and ageing skin and improves the lipid structure of living cells. We blend the finest, purest and most fragrant organic Rose water available – made even more irresistible with just a hint of frangipani, rose and sandalwood essential oils. Complete with anti-inflammatory MSM (5%), a naturally occurring organic sulphur extract from the pulp of pine trees grown in sustainable forests, to build vital collagen. Acerola Cherry, with its powerful antioxidant properties is high in natural Vitamin C and also contains valuable secondary phytochemicals to soothe and smooth, to hydrate facial skin and stimulate dermal strength for protection against the elements.

Essential Mist Corrective Toner


Shake and spray a little onto your face after cleansing. Pat lightly and then apply moisturizer to damp skin. Can also be used any time as a refreshing and energizing hydrating spray. Keep out of direct sunlight.