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native rituals

Here’s a few helpful apply-and-avoid tips

from our professional therapists on how to be your best with Live Native skincare.

pump & rol

For best results, place a small amount of product in the centre of your open palm ready to apply to your face or body. We thoroughly recommend using the following ‘pump & roll’ technique for any skincare product. With product spread evenly onto both hands – slowly and carefully press your open-cupped palms gently onto your face and/or body. In the same movement roll away your hands with an opening action – lifting away the upper forefingers first. Then repeat where needed. Always avoid pressing, poking and stretching. This is a particularly useful technique when applying exfoliating scrubs and cleansers.


Be aware that applying facial products with a careless touch can cause immediate skin redness or irritation and potentially, light bruising of the sensitive skin around your eyes. The ‘pump & roll’ technique will avoid further reddening or potential bruising caused from skin pushing, poking, prodding and the like.

cleanse morning or night?

Cleansing is the most important element of your daily skincare routine. Your skin needs to be well cleansed to allow the vital nutrients from your moisturiser to penetrate and deeply nourish. Cleanse at night to remove make-up, dirt and grime so that your skin can breathe and detoxify while you sleep. Cleanse in the morning to remove the toxins excreted throughout the night.

before bedtime

In the evening, we do recommend simple soap-free cleansing and toning. Use Pure Native Cleansing Balm along with a steamy muslin cloth to remove make-up, to clear blocked pores, to nourish and condition your skin. After cleansing, spray Essential Mist Toner. The MSM in the toner will aid further cellular detoxification and promote collagen synthesis. This will remove the need to use soaps and heavy night creams that will clog your pores and inhibit sebum production which may eventually lead to dry skin.

However, if you do feel the need to apply a moisturiser, we recommend a few drops of either Essential Beauty Serum, to condition your skin and neutralise free radicals whilst you sleep, or the lighter Immortelle Gold Firming Serum with powerful anti-aging ingredients to boost collagen production and tone the skin. Apply either serum one hour before bedtime as this will allow its nutrients to properly absorb to feed your skin – and not your pillow!

a little goes along way

It maybe tempting to think – the more product you use, the more your skin shall benefit. This may be true of conventional water-bulked products – but not Live Native! Since we do not dilute our nutritional ingredients with water you will only need the smallest amount. As a general rule, a 30ml jar of moisturiser should last you 3-4 months with daily use; which is great value if you consider the exceptional quality of ingredients and their inherent health benefits. There is never a need to ‘flood’ your skin with any Live Native product. Over time, all of your skin surface will have been treated. But, if your skin does feel too oily after 10 minutes or longer, then you are probably using too much! A little, is more than sufficient.

be good to your native

Live Native products are cold bended from fresh living ingredients and will perform best when kept in a cool, dry place. We recommend that your enzyme-intact Live Native products should be dispensed from the jar using a small spatula. As our regular customers from hotter climes suggest – why not keep a large jar of product in the fridge, then decant a portion into a small jar for use anytime at home and away! PS… We’re happy to provide you with a 15ml Live Native UV protective glass jar and a spatula if you’re in need.

naturally liquid at 24°C

It is quite normal for Live Native products containing tropical oils as a base, like our moisturisers and balms, to liquify above 24°C. Don’t Panic! Your product will solidify when cooled and will not loose any of its nutritional vitality or therapeutic properties in the process. Also, please take care not to spill the liquified contents if opening the jar in hot climates.

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