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in the pursuit of healthyness

Over the years, we’ve sourced immeasurable inspiration from an amazing pool of innovative people and producers of truly healthy products and services. And, since you’re probably interested in all things healthy (or even raw) we’ve dedicated this page of unsponsored links to the gurus of living skincare and raw foods that have helped us to make better, more informed lifestyle choices.


Abigail James
Live Native spa treatment designer

Sarah Best

cutting-edge raw journalism

Janey Lee Grace

radio 2 presenter & eco-lifestyle warrior

Miss Eco Glam

natural beauty columnist & blogger

Dr. Gabriel Cousens

spirited raw food science & holistic retreat

David Wolfe

author and nutritionist & totally raw-passionate

Dr. Brian Clements

raw nutrition specialist & holistic living food retreat

Karen Knowler

raw food coach

Christine Bailey
author, nutritionist & teacher


Raw Fairies

luxury cleanse & raw food delivery

Mulu Chocolate Co.

dairy-free, sugar free & definitely… guilt free!

The Raw Chocolate Shop

seriously mmm… online!

SAF raw foods

ready-to-eat environmentally conscious wholesome food

Wild Food Cafe

cafe-raw in Covent Garden, London

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