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meet the maker

Being creative and thinking a little unconventionally is a part of life I have always enjoyed. I partly attribute this to having been lucky enough to grow up on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, where the unspoilt surroundings made me acutely aware of how fragile our ecology can be. Here, I acquired a passion to care for our environment for future generations.

In 2005, I began to create therapeutic skincare for my own use, to compliment my personal journey toward sustainable health and well-being. It was a timely addition to my lifelong interest in nutrition – and about the same time I chose to become vegetarian, thereafter vegan and eventually adopting a raw food vegan diet in 2002. It made little sense then to use popular products that had been manufactured in a conventional and more often toxic manner. Combining fragile heat-damageable oils with water and alcohol, and then ‘embalming’ them with petrochemical-derived emulsifiers, detergents and preservatives is by no means a recipe for healthy skin. I thought it was time for a paradigm shift in the skincare industry.

I drew upon my 20 years experience of working in the natural health industry – both as a homoeopath and nutritionist – and set about to design a totally unique range of life-loving RAW VEGAN ORGANIC products that ultimately promote beautiful skin through health and vitality. Live Native is perhaps the world’s first range of adaptogenic living skincare products specifically designed to restore a natural dermal vitality, condition and balance.

From humble beginnings in 2007, followed by years of hard work and dedication, my partner and co-founder Ian and I have shaped Live Native into a viable skincare company. We are a small self-funded company. But, with the warm and generous support of customers, retailers, professional boutiques, salons and spa’s from around the world, we have our hearts set on greater successes and are looking forward to a boom in growth in coming years. Everyday we are proud in knowing that we have built Live Native into a truly ethical company – one that sincerely prioritizses our customers health and well-being – whilst supporting cruelty-free, fair-trade practices and of course, a reconnection to our valuable environment.


Ian and I live and work in the tranquil Scottish countryside, where we share a busy life with our beautiful dogs, Buffy, Peanut and Moose. In addition to developing products and Spa treatments for Live Native, I also maintain my private homoeopathic practice. I find great satisfaction in being able to guide people towards a healthy, pure and sustainable way of living.


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