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If you are new to Live Native

you will soon discover that pure living skincare feels, smells and behaves
slightly differently to other brands. And, for the better!

The first time you try Live Native products you’ll be amazed or perhaps a little ‘wowed’ at how beautifully soft, spreadable and gentle they truly are. Our moisturisers and balms melt deliciously on touch – at around 22°C – to quickly absorb and feed your skin without leaving an oily sheen. Their shared raw ingredients base of Coconut oil, Shea butter and Aloe Vera cleanly transports a nutritious combination of the purest bioactive skin foods deeply into your skin. Your days of skin-flooding with water-bulked and alcohol preserved products will soon be long gone! Our cleansers, our toners, our masks, oils and serums – they perform sublime and pamper divine! In only a short time your skin will feel and look healthier, softer – and for want of a better word… ALIVE!

too oily, too dry

Skincare products designed for OILY skin often contain detergents or alcohol that strip excess oil (sebum) from the skin. The result is that your skin becomes dry. Your body then responds by producing an excess of sebum, which simply perpetuates the original oily-skin condition. Similarly, products designed for DRY skin tend to be oil-heavy. This treatment then prompts the reduction of sebum to create a dry skin condition in response. Both methods merely perpetuate the existing condition – doing little in the long-term to balance and restore equilibrium to your skin.

adaptogenic – one solution for all skin types

Living skincare is by its very nature, adaptogenic – containing numerous naturally sourced bioactive ingredients that assist your skin to adapt to stress and exert a normalising effect. Live Native skincare contains an abundance of nutrients from which your skin will simply take what it requires to restore its natural balance, health and glow. This is one reason why we don’t make products for oily skin or for dry skin. Rather, we make one range that is suitable for all skin types, all skin areas and all ages. Simple, and effective! It also makes choosing skincare for friends and family a lot easier too!

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