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are you sensitive

are you sensitive

Our happiest testimonials come from our sensitive-skin customers who have discovered that Live Native products provide an effective skin repair solution.

Our cleansers, our serums and particularly our moisturisers and balms have proven extremely helpful in treating skin issues such as acne, rosacea, eczema and even psoriasis – resulting in an overall improvement in skin health and a notable reduction of inflammation, irritation and recurrence.

Fresh, raw botanic ingredients that are also toxin-free, bioactive and truly nutritious provide a naturally beneficial bounty of therapeutic enzymes, nutrients and skin-repairing antioxidants that combine to create both an anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic condition. This balances and normalises your skins sebum production and calms inflammation, which improves resilience against further eruption and infection.

PLEASE REMEMBER – When trying any new skincare product on sensitive skin, we recommend that you introduce one new product at a time and always patch test if you are not sure about potential reaction. Then wait 3-5 days before introducing a second new product.

reactive or new to bioactive

Although rare, customers who are new to living skincare can experience an adjustment phase that may cause concern. More often, it is simply an intermediate reaction of detoxification and rebalancing caused when changing from an inert (and sometimes toxic) product to Live Native, which is a richer and more responsive skincare solution. Using Live Native should be a comfortable experience, whereby your skin clearly improves its health, texture and appearance. However, if for any reason your skin reacts adversely to become irritated or inflamed, please stop using! In a few days, try again with lesser product. But if the same reaction occurs – then that product may contain an ingredient or a combination of ingredients that are unfortunately not for you.

Live Native products are skin-friendly and contain none of the common allergens such as alcohol, parabens or perfume. But, we are all individual and we are all potentially susceptible to individual reactions and allergies. Even from the purest ingredient. A skin reaction can occur with any substance – natural or not.

Feel free to contact us if you are not sure about any reaction that you believe may be caused by any Live Native product. And always seek reliable medical advice if your symptoms persist.

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