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feed your skin

beauty through health

Live Native products provide a clean and readily absorbent source of healthy bioactive nutrients for the cells in your skin. What we call a ‘life-loving’ recipe rich with enzymes, nutrients and the energy to cleanse, repair, build new collagen and to protect against everyday environmental stresses.

beautiful to use

Beyond the ingredient science, you’ll be amazed by how beautiful Live Native products feel to touch, to apply – and how harmonious, understated yet lingering the fragrances are. Our moisturisers and balms share a healthy raw base of fresh-pressed Aloe Vera, cold-pressed Coconut oil and Shea butter. So they readily melt, absorb and energise on contact to instantly nourish, protect and moisturise without leaving your skin feeling at all greasy or oily – but definitely softer, smoother and feeling alive! Our scrubs, cleansers and masks not only scrub, cleanse and mask, but also remineralise, rebalance and nourish as well. We produce an irresistible antioxidant-rich rose-water facial toner containing MSM that instantly refreshes and reconditions, but also uniquely builds collagen and reduces hyper-pigmentation. And a choice of exquisite serums to moisturise, rebalance and again, help build vital collagen – an essential protein that is a clinically proven ageing combatant.

superior essential oils


Throughout its evolution the anti-ageing concept, the products and their ingredients have been a thoroughly researched yet well-disputed topic. Since there are so many causes of ageing, with as many ground-breaking solutions to choose from, anti-ageing solutions tend to vary quite radically from one skincare company to another. This does make it difficult to find a product that not only suits your needs but also fully delivers on its claims. To over-promise the efficacy of an anti-ageing product in such a competitive industry is quite easily done.

Environmental, genetic, emotional, physical health and lifestyle are predominantly the favoured catalysts for ageing skin. So we can conclude that any one, or a combination of all of these catalysts will ultimately influence or determine the effect and degree of skin maturity. We all want the same results from an anti-ageing product – which is to effectively reduce lines, wrinkles, spots, scars and blemishes to create a youthful looking skin surface and texture with an even tone and a healthy glow.

Live Native fragrances do not indulge or dominate! We prefer subtle and lingering, delicate and relevant, exotic and of course – distinctively feminine. Incidentally, we don’t use synthetic perfume! Rather, we have created our fragrances by blending the most exquisite organic essential oils available – primarily, to ensure that every product comes with its individual aroma-therapeutic benefit which further enhances the remedial function of each formulation – to relax, to balance, to invigorate and so on. Essential Woman Moisturiser for example, combines calming Rosa Gallica oil and warming Sandalwood with just a hint loving Frangipani. Paradise!

enzyme-active ingredients

Enzymes are molecular biological catalysts (more often proteins) that speed-up the rate of chemical reactions without being consumed in that reaction themselves.

Rarely are they found in skincare products unless the predominance of ingredients are raw, because most skin products contain heat-processed ingredients that have been thoroughly denatured or simplified.

In living skincare, enzymes provide two primary functions – exfoliation and anti-inflammation. For exfoliation, enzymes can be as effective, yet gentler than scrubs and microdermabrasion. The upper layer of your skin is mostly made of dead skin cells containing keratin protein. The enzymes target and break down the keratin protein, which results in smoother skin. Other enzymes – some of which are found naturally in your skin – target and reduce free radicals to protect your skin from everyday causes of oxidative damage like the sun, environmental pollutants or inflammatory conditions such as acne.

Enzymes are sensitive to their environment and perform best when kept in optimal conditions at temperatures below 47.7ºC. To maintain the life of your enzyme-intact products we suggest that you keep your products cool, dry and free from bacteria. Or, as our regular customers from hotter climes suggest – why not keep a large jar of product in the fridge, then decant a portion into a small (sterile)15ml jar for use anytime at home and away! PS… We’re happy to provide you with a small Live Native UV protective glass jar if you’re in need.

antioxidants to the rescue

Once the skin has been exposed to damaging free radicals such as cigarette smoke, UV radiation or pollution, the skins primary defence against ageing is antioxidants. These life-loving molecules neutralise harmful free radicals to prevent cellular damage and the alteration of proteins that lead to wrinkle formation. Antioxidants stop the further decline of collagen and elastin production thereby preventing the formation of lines and wrinkles.

By combining sun-stable tropical oils with other ingredients containing generous levels of free radical neutralising antioxidants, Live Native products provide your skin with the nutritious combination it then needs to slow-down premature ageing.


UV protection

Unlike other skincare products, Live Native does not use ingredients to block the UV rays that are beneficial for healthy bodies. In addition to its primary product function, our formulations employ safe UV neutralising, sun-stable raw ingredients like Aloe Vera, Seabuckthorn and raw Shea butter to effectively provide a mild UV screening component.

When your skin is exposed to direct daily sunlight it responds by producing vitamin D, which is a proven anti-skin cancer nutrient. Unfortunately products that contain SPF15 or more, block 99.9% of your skins ability to produce Vitamin D. Live Native skincare is designed with the sun in mind. Tropical oils provide protection against damage. And the best bit… it won’t block-out your bodies natural production of Vitamin D.

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