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A deeply cleansing antioxidant rich Chocolate and Rhassoul clay mask with energising 23k gold leaf.


A deeply cleansing facemask combining powerful antioxidant rich acai, nourishing raw cacao and spirulina with energetically rejuvenating 23k edible gold leaf – designed specifically to nourish, repair and restore balance, Botanic Earth Mud Mask soothes and detoxifies by immersing your skin in a potent blend of pure raw nature-intact ingredients. Spirulina, acai and acerola cherry combine to restore healthy skin tone via a synergy of nature-intact minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants and active enzymes that smooth, tighten, refresh and revitalise tired, stressed and ageing skin. Using only the finest available raw chocolate, vanilla and sun-dried rhassoul clay, along with a sprinkling of 23k gold to correct and strengthen dermal integrity, Botanic Earth Mud Mask truly is the ultimate facial treat and truly beneficial for all skin types – including acne prone and sensitive.

Botanic Earth Mud Mask


Mix one teaspoon of Botanic Earth Mud Mask with one teaspoon of warm water to a smooth paste. Apply evenly to face, neck and décolleté avoiding eye area. Keep moist during treatment with Live Native’s Essential Mist Toner (spritzer); alternatively place a warm damp cloth over mask. Remove after 10 minutes by gently sponging off the mask with warm water - avoid scrubbing. Tone and moisturize with Live Native pure living skincare to complete. For best (glowing) results…do treat yourself once a week!