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Toxin-free, aluminium chlorohydrate-free deodorant containing fresh cold-pressed Aloe, Colloidal silver, Rose and exotic Frangipani.


A premium quality toxin-free crystal liquid deodorant for effective protection against everyday underarm malodours that will not clog the pores. Essential Woman Deodorant is an enzyme active anti-odour preparation formulated to combine the naturally active anti-bacterial properties of Tea Tree, Colloidal Silver and Potassium Alum stone along with soothing fresh-fillet Aloe Vera and the sensual fragrant blend of Rose and Frangipani essential oils. Free from preservatives, petrochemicals, colourings, artificial fragrance and aluminium chlorohydrate.

Essential Woman Crystal Liquid Roll-On Deodorant


Daily under arms. Does not clog pores, sting after shaving or stain clothes.

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