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A superior quality facial and all body moisturiser rich in nature’s purest and most effective cold-pressed botanical ingredients..


A truly unique nature-intact moisturiser – A superior quality, super absorbent facial and all body moisturiser suitable for all skin types – and ideal for dry, combination or mature skin. Beautifully fragrant with the essential oil of frangipani and rose – a heady and exotic aroma with a distinctly feminine fragrance that will linger to convey a deeply alluring, sensual and almost provocative presence. Pure, fresh and clean, Essential Woman is rich with nature’s most effective raw-blended moisturising agents to leave your skin revitalised, nourished and beautifully soft without feeling clogged or oily.

Essential Woman Frangipani Fresh Moisturiser


Melt a small portion in palm, and then apply by patting gently onto face and body. Use sparingly as daily moisturiser, morning and or night for all skin types, especially dry, mature or combination.

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