pure living skincare

Harvested fresh from the forest, the earth and the ocean.

Live Native Pure Living Skincare contains only the finest and purest available cold-pressed tropical oils and mineral-rich living plant extracts.

“I’ve been a Beauty Therapist for over 20 years and Live Native is one of the most innovative products I’ve ever used. Handmade, cold-pressed raw vegan organic… An absolute joy!”
Emma, Senshi Beauty in London

“Wonderfully balancing, amazing aromas, exceptionally high calibre ingredients. You’ve managed to create something unparalleled to anything I’ve come across before!”
Dr. Kate James

“I have used many organic lotions and non-synthetic creams and this is definitely the best by far!”
Kailyn Dyn, Haelan Cancer Care

“I love the way Live Native uses pure fresh ingredients with no preservatives; maybe this is why it calms and soothes my extremely sensitive skin so effectively? Definitely the way forward for skin care”
India, London